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10367569_764927970224681_8042169796722924045_nDJ Mike Major! The name that truly fits this disc jockey who has become a major hitter since his start in September 2010 when he made his debut at the popular New York night club, Club 11 – a party that featured famed porn star Pinky XXX. Since then, it has been nothing but continuous success for Mike. Many heavy hitters in the entertainment industry have vouched for his skills brining him on board as their official DJ such as female rap sensation SheIsHipHop, Major M.I.N.C Radio, UEG Radio and more. His list of accomplishments continue on. He has opened up for Hot 97s own DJ Bobby Trends & DJ Absolut as well as Power 105.1′s own DJ Envy. His work as been recognized in the media. Mike was awarded “ 2012 All Star Music Award winner for DJ Of The Year”. DJ Mike Major was also featured in the January 2013 edition of Swag Magazine.

Mike’s passion for music is what keeps him going. When djing, people love his interaction with the crowd. His style is unique and he has a great retention record with the venues that book him. Mike sets himself apart from other DJ’s because he is diverse! His favorite genres to spin are R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance/Pop and Old school. Although based in New York, DJ Mike Major has played in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles. Mike does not only play in clubs; he dj’s upscale events and company gatherings as well. Mike is pushing through the DJ world of entertainment and working to become a household name.

DJ Mike Major became a part of the elite DJ team known as The 4th Quarter Boyz on May 23, 2014. This team features well known Djs such as 4th Quarter Boyz CEO DJ La Luv, DJ Mell Star, DJ Danny Dee, The World Famous Brucie B & DJ Knuckles, just to name a few.



“It don’t take a prophet to see the young girl is gifted/either hate it or get wit it/ I am what every brilliant mind envisions…”

Brooklyn, New York, home of some of entertainments most gifted and vibrant superstars also gave birth to this 21st Century rap phenomenon. She is intelligent. She is fascinating…She IS Hip Hop.

Known to the industry as Candis, this burgeoning female artist has the lyrical poise to fall in line with some of the greatest of MCs, both male and female. With more than a decade of caressing line paper with an ink pen, Candis is solidifying her spot as one of the best to emerge out of the Big Apple. Compelled by the likes of Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and Tupac, it is her very own life experiences growing up in Brooklyn’s Farragut & Fort Greene Projects that allow Candis to demolish any microphone she encounters speaking truth whenever she breathes air into the mic.

It was in 2003 when Candis composed a tear-jerking number in reference to her years growing up and the loss of her grandmother, titled “It’s OK” that she started to see hard work and dedication pay off. The song earned her a $10,000 college scholarship in the annual BMG World of Expressions songwriting contest. Candis has a message in her music that separates her from her peers — a “heart-felt” message that captures the essence of hip hop. Candis is a constant reminder of what the entertainment world is missing.

Given the AKA “SheIsHipHop” by a former business partner after seeing her work in the booth, the moniker became a no brainer! Since the 2011 release of her self-titled mixtape “@SheIsHipHop“, Candis has been performing at some of the hottest spots along the East Coast, and also appearing on internet radio shows throughout the world, gaining fans on every continent. While most suffer the loss of their mixtape buzz after a while, Candis continues to reign. Her work has landed her appearances on MTV’s RapFix Live and on Shade 45’s “Sway in the Morning” show.

In 2012, Candis received three major award nominations including Most Original Female Artist and Best Female Rapper of the Year, which proves that this young lady is already making her mark in the game. In this same year, her website also received an award for Best Artist Website within 6 months of its launch. Candis not only uses her website as a platform to promote her music, but she also blogs about community issues and promotes other artists as well, including the “Queen of the Month” section that honors another woman working hard at pursuing her dreams.

With the recent formation of her company, DreamHouse Entertainment, Candis is not only focused on creating great music and empowering her team to learn the music business, she is also doing her part to give back to the community. The DreamHouse “Make A Difference” Scholarship is one of her latest efforts to provide some financial relief to the college student who submits the best essay. She is also an official sponsor of the Brooklyn-based Educated Little Monsters Youth Group.

Candis  is definitely the Artist to Watch in 2014 and beyond!

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Cindi Martinez, UEG Ladies President


I have a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Walden University in Minnesota and a B.A. plus 30 in Special Education from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. I attended Moorestown Friends School on a full tuition scholarship given to Camden City students.


Having taught in the city of Camden for 18 years, I have been entrusted with over 240 young minds to mold. In the process, I have come across thousands of people that have impacted my life in one way or another. Each day is a challenge in the city of Camden. Each day, I worry about each of my students and what they face. Each day, I ride into the city hoping to make a difference not on one child, but all of the kids in my school.Although I am seeking a psotion in administration, I am currently teaching 6-8th grade middle school special needs students. I am the only teacher in the state of NJ chosen to participate in the Classroom Champions Program, a program that pairs Olympic athletes with classrooms around the country to instill in the students a new sense of pride and Olympic characteristics. There are 35 classrooms participating in the program in the entire United States.

In addition to teaching full time, I was asked to join Untouchables Entertainment Group in August of 2012 as President of the ladies division of the company, UEG Ladies.UEG Ladies officially launched September 29, 2012. As president of UEG Ladies, it is my vision to provide women with a voice, a vision, and a place to network. Our mission is to provide exceptional service, growth, success and prosperity to everyone involved and to industry partners alike. UEG Ladies believes in the creation of opportunities for UEG and all of its business partners by generating win-win situations. We envision that the best way to implement our mission is through continued successful development and attainment of these opportunities.

I also work as the promotional drive behind UEG Radio: Home of the Unsigned Artist, an internet radio show that features unsigned/independent artists that are looking for free exposure and continuous support on a regular basis. We promote the artists on the show and via 8social media sources which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hootsuite, Path, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Linked-In. It is our hope to provide a platform for unsigned artists to catapult to the next level based on UEG Radio’s support.

Currently, UEG Ladies and UEG are working on its biggest collaboration to date. We were approached by Sandstock Music Festival to join the ranks in the 2013 Latin Freestyle Beach Festival in Atlantic City, NJ. We are promoting the event heavily, in addition to working behind the scenes to gather volunteers for the festival, which will benefit The Jersey Shore Relief Fund and The American Red Cross. We hope this festival opens the door for more lucrative opportunities for UEG Ladies and the entire UEG brand.

UEG Ladies





Lady G was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. Although Lady G still resides there. She hopes to relocate in a few years.
Lady G is an honest, loyal, dedicated, motivated individual. And all of these qualities spill over to her work. She stays focus and loves to stay busy helping people.  promoting Their talents. And their careers. She has a good heart and loves doing what she does and not too many females grind as hard as she does.

Music has always been a huge interest to Lady G “Music makes me smile. Every kind. Music helps me through so much in life. I cant live without music. My mp3 player is like another best friend.”

What sets Lady G apart from other companies doing what she does, is she takes a more personal approach. She puts more time into details. She talks to people differently. She might be the only one that will stay up until 2am to finish posting and promoting on basically every website she’s apart of. She makes sure it’s known and that the right people know about it.

she has returned to school for computer information science she also co host Simply Sabuni Cares with Ms P Of The Ntuned Show and has done various business networking.  Expect better opportunities for Lady G Promotions and Ladies Making Moves She hopes to do more traveling and continue helping artists, magazines, and companies get there brand well known.

Some artists that she has promoted : New Yitty, Mr.Sha,ToniSteelz , Shanx, I.K.P, Staxx Cordero, Carma Delane   just to name a few}.

” years from now I want to be even more blessed than I am now. I want to be able to say I’m happy and content. My bills are paid. I’m healthy. My family is doing good. And have great business relationships with everyone im involved with today.”



Carma DeLane (Quick Bio)


As a child Carma DeLane found refuge from a troubled home by turning to music. The once quiet and camera shy teen shared her talent and trials with her fellow classmates and was voted Most Talented of her class; truly a Cinderella story. Hear Carma’s music @


Adding to her accomplishments, Carma became an author by publishing her first novel, a sexy action packed murder mystery called “Charlotte Girlz” in 2012. Read her book @


Determined not to abandon her roots Carma established The Gud Karma Foundation, an organization that uses the influence of Hip-Hop to inspire children and teens to excel and improve their communities. Find more info @

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Carma DeLane has given new meaning to the term “multi-demensional”. The Cleveland native may have a few titles under her belt ,but her first love is music! Just in her early twenties she’s worked as an Entertainment journalist, recieved airplay on a national radio station, published her first novel “Charlotte Girlz”, and recently became a philanthropist as the founder of

As a child Carma found refuge from her troubled home in music . At the age of 13, the quiet and camera shy aspiring artist shared her talents with her fellow classmates. It was evident that she had won their approval when she was voted most talented of her class; truly a Cinderella story.

Soon after she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a music career without the approval of her family and with six dollars in her pocket. Since then Carma has released several mixtapes and has had the opportunity to collaborate with major industry artists.

Carma’s message may put you in the mind of an earlier Queen Latifah, but she’s always sure to find a healthy balance between; lyrical, femininity, and sophistication. Her heart wrenching anthems like; “Legacy” and “Growing Pains” speak on her hardships, creating intimate relationships with her listeners and relating to girls around the world. With songs in the musical Genre’s of Rap, Rock, Pop, and Reggae Carma is pushing the envelope for female writers. She is currently working on her first album. Be sure to support her album “HEAVY” by requesting it on your local radio stations!




Storm is a singer/songwriter of motion—born in Brooklyn, moved to Puerto Rico, stayed for 16 years, and now lives in the Bronx brewing lyrics and melodies with a voice that matches the name. Her unique vocals are the product of study of soprano and tenor singers alike. Storm has had the opportunity to sing for and honor American Idol winner/R&B phenom Fantasia as well as having a continuing spot performing at the trendy burlesque restaurant Duane Park, the same stage where Lady Gaga has performed.  Storm and producer Luis Burgos are partners in writing, while Hip Hop’s The Mighty Welfare Poets, Digg Deep, and the Afro-punk diva Alkebulan Aya are all blessed with her pipes. Storm has worked on Off-Broadway productions with the late Titus Walker, the Ujamma Black Theater, and completed a six-month residency at East Harlem’s Camarades el Barrio, She’s dedicated to bringing back the classic vibes of R&B grooves with her unique brand of Storm-iness. It has to be heard to be understood.